Teen uses calculator to make threat toward high school

Teen uses calculator to make threat toward high school


by WCNC.com Staff


Posted on February 1, 2013 at 10:57 AM

Updated Friday, Feb 1 at 8:43 PM

Threat made toward Olympic High School

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The teen arrested and charged for making threats against his school says he did no wrong.

Tristan Lloyd, 16, spoke with NBC Charlotte after his release from jail.

"I didn’t do it because there was another person involved," he said.

Lloyd says the threats were made on a graphing calculator used in his algebra class. According to Lloyd, the author of the message stated he was going to "bring a gun to school and shoot everyone in the cafeteria, and it was going to be worse than Sandy Hook."

CMS reports a student alerted a teacher to the threat and the teacher called police Thursday afternoon. 

Lloyd says he used the calculator in first period, and believes someone from another period left the message.  Lloyd says the class-issued calculators are used by many students.  In fact, he says it was being used to bully him at school.

"It said you are stupid, dumb you are crazy… the next one said, he was going to kill me."

He thinks he is being targeted by students because he is bi-sexual.  He is also a 16-year-old freshman, who was held back several years because of a learning disability.

His father, Cecil, is demanding a full investigation saying it is far from complete.

"These are calculators the school has now and anyone can use.  The person who wrote this message is still in that school, and the parents need to know this," he said.

Police are standing by the investigation. A spokesperson for the department says numerous students were interviewed as part of the investigation. Police says Lloyd confessed to leaving the threat as a prank.  He tells us, it isn't what happened.

"I confessed because they pushed me, they were saying you are a liar you are not telling the truth. I did not do it at all, they pressured me, I didn't know what to do and I stuttered and said something. I said I did it because I wanted to get rid of them," says Lloyd.

Lloyd has been charged with misdemeanor communicating a threat, and felony making a false report of mass violence at a school.

Extra security was on hand Friday at Olympic High School.  The district says at no time were students in danger.

Lloyd is due back in court on Monday.  His parents have scheduled a meeting with school administrators and staff to discuss the incident and his future at the school.