Victim in hot grease attack: Pain is 'excruciating'

Reginald Terry


by NewsChannel 36 Staff

Posted on June 26, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 4 at 2:24 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Five people who were attacked with hot grease during an altercation in north Charlotte earlier this month are still recovering at a burn center in Chapel Hill.

NewsChannel 36's Ben Thompson spoke with burn victim Macy McLean in her hospital bed on Tuesday. 

McLean, 42, was seriously hurt when police say her neighbor, Regina Terry, scalded her with hot grease.  

"Right now, I'm just a little tired and ready to go home," McLean said. "I had second and third degree injuries, which are oil burns from a pot of oil being doused on me.

"It got me from my neck down, from my ear, right side, all the way down to my fingertips on my right arm," she said.  "My chest from the neck area, down to just above my torso, on my stomach." 

McLean, her daughter Dana Simms and six children had to be treated for burns.  McLean said the pain was excruciating.  A 1-year-old boy, Wise, has third-degree burns, while Joey, 6, and Teloria, 8, remain at the burn unit.

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"When it happened, I guest I must have went into shock or something, because I stood there for a few moments before I even realized what had happened," McLean said. "My first instinct was to get my grandchildren doused with some cool water, because I thought it was water on them."  

All three children are McClean's grandchildren and are expected to undergo surgery Wednesday and will hopefully leave the hospital by next week, relatives said.

McLean has undergone one surgery, with a second one scheduled for later this week.

Police said Terry attacked her neighbors when an argument escalated at an apartment complex at 1511 Polk Street.  Terry appeared in a Mecklenburg County court last week and will have a bond hearing on Friday.  She faces 13 charges in the attack.

McLean said she still does not understand why Terry did this to her and her family.

"I really don't know, but I'd probably just say 'you're in my prayers," McLean said of Terry. "For someone to be that malicious, they couldn't have had the Lord with them,  and she apparently needs it." 

The family has no health insurance and has opened a charitable fund through Wells Fargo to help pay down their increasing medical bills.

The McLean Family Fund
Wells Fargo
1607 Sardis Road
Charlotte, NC 28270