Accused takes stand in molestation trial

Scott Goins takes stand in own trial Friday

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- In a surprising move, Scott Goins took the stand in his own defense Friday. The former East Gaston Wrestling Coach is accused of sexually molesting three former wrestlers. The jury also heard from Goins' wife.

"I've never ordered another student to choke another student," said Scott Goins.

Goins spoke about the success of East Gaston's wrestling program, but admitted no wrong doing.

The defense focused its questioning on the layout of the school by asking Goins to show the jury his room on a map and providing pictures of certain doors and rooms on campus.

Earlier in the day the defense and state finished questioning Goins' wife Angela. She spoke about how close the accusers were to the family.

"He was a pallbearer in Scott's grandfather's funeral," said Angela.

She testified one of the accusers watched movies her husband.

"It wasn't unusual for him to call Scott and ask if he could come over," said Angela.

Angela said despite the close relationships, she never saw anything unusual happen.

"When did you first learn that your husband was being investigated for this," questioned Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Hamlin.

"The night before he was arrested," answered Angela Goins.

The state tried to show Angela was unaware of what was happening in her husband's life.

"Hamlin: So you didn't know until June of 2013?

Angela: That's correct.

Hamlin: But he knew that he was being investigated?

Angela: I don't know if he knew or not.

Hamlin: Are you aware the police attempted to call him?

Angela: No."

The state did not get an opportunity on Friday to cross examine Scott Goins.

Court resumes Monday.


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