Charlotte Uber driver assaulted over the weekend

Uber driver assaulted after Paris attacks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are looking for a man who attacked an Uber driver early Sunday morning.

"I'm from Ethiopia originally, and my religion is Christian," said Samson Woldemichael, the victim.

He has lived in this country for eight years and became a U.S. citizen three years ago-- but none of that mattered early Sunday.

He says he was assaulted by a man who believed he was a Muslim.

"He hit me very hard from behind and then he choked me from behind, and then he hit me from behind and then he hit me over here repeatedly, and I was struggling to breathe."

He picked up the passenger from a bar behind Park Road Shopping Center.

"Every conversation inside the car was peaceful."

But that conversation changed once they got to their destination on Fonthill Lane.

"He said he hate us 'you Muslims.' I told him I'm not a bad guy, and he said even if you are not a Muslim, I'm gonna kill you right here."

Woldemichael showed us the blood from inside his car where he had been assaulted, and showed us the bruises on his forehead.

He said that he laid on the horn and eventually the suspect ran off. He believes the terror attack in Paris motivated him.

"Maybe there are some people who think everyone who looks different is a dangerous Muslim, and they should learn there are really good people who have the same kind of thoughts regarding civilization," he said.


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