Shooting victim, 10: We thought we wouldn't make it

"We thought we wouldn't make it out of this"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Shanise Laney lived through a moment no little girl should ever have to face.

She was home after church, ready to get her hair done, when she heard gunshots.

Shanise, 10, was home with her brother Jonathan, 13, and their adult big sister, Kiki, while their mom was at work.

A man pounded on the door. They recognized him as a neighbor.

"This man was standing outside with his gun to the side saying, 'Do you have a cigarette or a blunt?'" said Shanise. "And we all said no that we didn't."

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What happened next surprised Shanise and her sister and brother, who were at the door.

"When we said 'no' he got angry and pulled his gun out and cocked it back," she said. They slammed the door and got down on the ground and crawled to the kitchen.

Shanise said the family huddled in the kitchen as they called police. She explained that anytime her family moves, they make a plan for emergencies -- so they knew just what to do.

When they were on the phone with police, Shanise said the gunman shot through the window and hit her in the face, just under her right eye.

The family moved to the bathroom to get some tissue, and heard footsteps. They were afraid the gunman was in the house, said Shanise.

"We were all sitting down, all clutched together, and all got scared," recalled Shanise. "Me and my sister started to cry because we thought we wouldn't make it out of this."

Just then, police officers pounded on the front and back doors. Shanise's sister ran to the back door, and the officer hustled them out of the house.

They ran through their neighbors' back yards to safety, with the officer breaking down a fence and even carrying Shanise part of the way.

She praised their rescue, remarking how they looked like they had practiced knowing just what to do.

The officer ushered them to a police car, then an firetruck, then an ambulance, then to the hospital.

She was treated there, given medicine, and told detectives her story, said Shanise.

Her mom, Shandra Laney had joined her there by that time -- having gotten a call at work and learning her baby had been shot.

She was grateful to finally see Shanise, but cried as the little girl told her story to police.

She's as grateful as any parent would be in her situation.

"It's any parent's worst nightmare to hear that your child got hurt," said Shandra Laney. "I'm very grateful my baby can come home and it's not worse than it is."


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