Charlotte Douglas Airport braces for DNC travels

Charlotte Douglas Airport braces for DNC travels


by TONY BURBECK / NewsChannel 36 Staff

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Posted on August 3, 2012 at 4:19 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 3 at 7:41 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- “More” is the key word at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport when it comes to the DNC in Charlotte next month.

You’ll find more helpers, more people directing traffic, more skycaps and more bag checkers.

There will also be a thousand extra extra rental cars.  There’s an additional 250 taxis on top of the 157 that typically make daily rounds.

It's Jeremy McCorery's job to get people into those cabs at the cab stand.   He says pre-DNC, it’s pretty slow, but during the DNC it will be a different story.

The airport averages 100,000 people coming through it a day.  About 20,000 of those leave the airport while the rest are passing through on flights.

The DNC will make the number of people leaving the airport instead of passing through rise.

"It's going to make it extremely busy, extremely busy. It's going to be good for taxis, (they’re) going to make a lot of good money,” McCorery said.

Cab companies have spent good money too, making them compliant with airport rules saying cabs can't be more than six years old and must be in good working shape.

Cab drivers didn't want to talk about that, but McCorery says the newer cars have made an impression with customers.

"They say nothing but nice things when they ride in the taxis here,” McCorery said.

Crown Cab, City Cab, and Yellow Cab are the airport's contracted cab companies.

The airport has told them all of their cars must be available for the DNC.

Airport officials also expect new signs guiding people in and out.

As far away from the airport as they can get is where some travelers want to be when the DNC is here.

"Too many people, I get claustrophobic,” said traveler Amy Altenburg.

Most cab companies contacted by NewsChannel 36 didn't respond.

One told us they're just now getting into game plan mode for the DNC and will put a plan in place next week.