Uptown food truck hoping business picks up after DNC

Uptown food truck hoping business picks up after DNC


by ANN SHERIDAN / NewsChannel 36 Staff

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Posted on September 13, 2012 at 9:47 AM

Updated Sunday, Oct 27 at 1:25 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— It's back to the cutting board for Brian Seeley.  He makes his living serving lunch and catering parties out of his food truck  Herban Legend.   Brian knew the Democratic National Convention would change his business.

“I knew we'd be displaced out of our spots uptown,” he said. 

But Brian had a plan. 

“I had hoped to pick up extra business in different places,” he said.

The different places and extra work?  Catering parties.  But it didn’t work out as he planned.

“Some of the smaller events that booked for me cancelled the last minute,” he said.

There were a few other cancellations, he said, and the biggest was a 200-person party.

“About two to three days before the event, their numbers were down and they cut their budget and I was part of the budget that got cut."

That wasn't the only cancellation.  There was a cancelled lunch, too.

“We were supposed to deliver at noon.  At nine they called and said they were doing something else for lunch,” said Seeley.

He says he could have rented space in the heart of uptown during the DNC, and parked his food truck for business, but it would've cost $12,000.  He decided against it and  says it was a good call.

Brian said the rain that plagued the DNC and the ramped up security put a damper on the mobile food truck business.   Even one of his old standbys, students at UNC Charlotte, were MIA during the DNC.

“Some of the classes were off throughout the week so that cut business in half there, too,” he said.

Seeley says the experience wasn’t what he hoped for, but not entirely surprising either.  Right now, he says, business as usual sounds good.

“Yes, thank God,” he laughed.

Seeley was able to snag one big DNC event.  He was part of the catering team for the media party hosted at the North Carolina Music Factory.