DOT contractor using robotic mowers on interstates

Robot mowers get to work along NC highways

Technology hits the fast lane, or really close to it. It's known to turn heads and protect lives, but the efficiency of robotic mowers takes the spotlight as they keep interstates tidy with ease. 

"We've taken our crews of say six crew members and we've cut them down to two," said Jimmy McHenry with Dixie Lawn Service.

McHenry has contracts with both North Carolina and South Carolina Departments of Transportation. McHenry recently deployed a Traxx RF robotic mower and says it's been a game changer for his business.  

"Before we've had to put people with hand type equipment with a weedeater or a chainsaw and they'll have to climb up the slope and cut that debris," said McHenry. 

The wireless remote reaches up to a thousand feet so the operator does not have to work on steep terrain. 

Operator Zack Grissom says the robotic mower often sparks interest in passing drivers. 

"People slow down on the side of the road and all that kind of stuff," said Grissom. 

In addition to the mower increasing safety, Grissom says it takes some strain off his work load. 

"You don't get quite as hot standing behind it as you do operating something manually," said Grissom. 

McHenry says the mower increases work efficiency by 25-percent and has cut his labor costs in half. 

"Typically a younger person is better at running this piece of equipment than an older person because they're more computer savvy, they play more video games and things like that," said McHenry. 

McHenry says drivers will likely see the robo-mower again this fall on area interstates. Those interested in the technology, get ready for a hefty price tag. McHenry says the mower price ranges from $75,000 to 80,000. 


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