Clover war veteran freed after junky yard, could face more time

Clover war veteran freed after junky yard, could face more time



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Posted on October 8, 2012 at 5:45 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 8 at 6:23 PM

CLOVER, S.C. -- A glance at John Ramsey's front yard looks the same as any other in his mobile home neighborhood.

There is a difference.

Ramsey's yard, or what sits on the side of his trailer, has become a point of contention for the elderly Korean War veteran.
Ramsey and the Town of Clover have been at odds over the amount of junk he has allowed to accumulate on his property.

Behind a fence, recently built by friends and Ramsey, is a Junk Man’s dream.  Here one could find used tires, metal siding, a working washing machine, ceiling fans, and thousands of bricks.

Ramsey said he is not a hoarder. He claims that he gives the items collected to others in need.

“You give somebody something they always give you $10,  I always try to refuse it." said Ramsey.
As for the other items he sells them, and uses the money to support his family.

"I give it to my wife, I give it to my wife for her medicine," said Ramsey.
This weekend after months of battling over Ramsey's junk, he surrendered to York County.

The Sheriff’s Office booked him into the county jail and a warrant for contempt was issued.
Clover Mayor Donny Grice said that he was upset that "it went this far”. The Mayor added that he has known Ramsey for years and Ramsey was first cited for having too much junk in his yard over a year and a half ago.

Grice said no one wanted to see the Ramsey go to jail but, "he was given so many chances to clean up and he didn't." continued Grice.
Ramsey said that he has friends who plan to help him move even more of his things this week, but doesn’t know if that will be enough to keep him from behind bars. 

“If they say I got to go back, I got to go back. I can't do nothing about it," said Ramsey.