Man writes letter to President asking to have a beer with him

A local man who has been writing to President Obama received a response.

MONROE, N.C. -- It's pretty common for anyone to ask a friend if they want to go grab a beer somewhere and chat. It's not as common to ask that of the President of the United States.

"I thought it was kind of crazy," said Chuck Denny. 

When you write him a letter in general, you don't always expect a response.

"The letter was sitting right up against my front door," Denny said. 

Denny lives in Monroe and has been writing and emailing President Obama for years. In March, he took a different approach.

"I thought to myself how many people have ever wrote the President a letter and said, 'hey man, want to have a beer out on the south lawn?'" 

In his letter, he told the President he didn't want to talk politics.

"I want to know what you think we can do to help more veterans in the future," Denny read. 

His father served in the Korean War.

"Garland Braham Denny is his name," Denny said. "He was 84 when he passed away last October."

Denny's father met four presidents and was a lifelong advocate for veterans. Tuesday afternoon, Denny finally got his response. 

"Then I knew it was pretty special 'cause I saw the White House on there," Denny said.

There it was: a letter from President Obama.

"I encourage you to keep leading by example and make a difference in your community," Denny read. 

He declined Denny's self-invite to have a beer but says he wants to help his efforts to make life better for veterans when they return from war.

"Man, I thought that was really, really awesome," Denny said. "It opened up the door to me. It made me want to go back and respond to them".

Chuck Denny Letter to Obama by ElizabethRiebe-Thomas on Scribd

President Obama to Chuck Denny by ElizabethRiebe-Thomas on Scribd

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