Rabies cat found in Union County

UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- Health Officials at the Union County Division of Public Health announced on Tuesday that a cat found near the 5900 Block of Unionville Brief Rd was confirmed to have rabies. The cat, a grey, domestic cat presented with neurological symptoms consistent with rabies.

Union County Division of Public Health and Union County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Services Bureau staff are working to identify people and animals in the affected area that may have been exposed to the rabid cat.

Flyers are being distributed to homes of those who are most at risk of exposure.

Union County Department of Human Services states, “Any person who may have come in contact with this cat should call his/her doctor immediately. They may also call the Communicable Disease line of the Division of Public Health at 704-296-4874 or 704-296-4878 for an exposure evaluation.”

"People living in this area should also be aware of exposure to any other animal that may have been behaving unusually.”

Rabies is usually transmitted through a bite from the animal or from contact with saliva that enters the eyes, nose, mouth or broken skin. Rabies is a serious and preventable disease. It is important to prevent exposure to the rabies virus whenever possible. Once an exposure has occurred prompt treatment is essential. Rabies is fatal without this treatment.

Residents with a concern about their pet’s exposure to this cat or exposure to other rabid animals in the area should call their veterinarian immediately or the Union County Sheriffs’ Office, Animal Services Bureau at 704-283-2308.

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