Lacrosse tournament benefits Connor McKemey

Connor McKemey


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Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:52 PM

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Lacrosse tournament benefits Connor McKemey

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FORT MILL, S.C.-- As a Tega Cay teenager continues to recover from severe burns across his body, a massive fundraising effort is underway to help pay for his medical expenses.

Connor McKemey was severely burned after an accident at his home just after Christmas.

Now a special lacrosse tournament is being held as a community rallies behind Connor to get better.

The tournament was held Saturday at Fort Mill High School.

On the field, winning is normally the goal, but the players in Saturday's tournament are fighting for the player not on the field.

"My heart just swells when I see the condition he's in and how aggressively he's fighting it," says George McKemey, Connor's dad.

He wishes his son, could be part of the tournament."He would've loved it here today, he truly would," says George.

Connor remains at a burn center in Georgia in a medically induced coma. A fire pit left Connor with deep wounds, too much for a 13-year-old to bear.

When you watch his blood rate go up as you're talking to him, and you see the subtle wiggles, I can't help but think he's feeling positive," says George McKemey.

So on Saturday, more than 500 lacrosse players are all playing on one team.

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"He's a really nice guy, and everyone just appreciates him and we miss him," says Natalie Wallon who was out supporting Connor at Saturday's tournament.

The hope is Connor will get back in the game soon."He can show that you can keep on going with whatever you want to do in life and never give up," says Wallon.

Organizers hope to raise about $20,000 for Connor to help pay for medical expenses.