Local civil rights activist reacts to Obama victory


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Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:51 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 1 at 4:25 PM

Civil rights activist on historic vote

Barack Obama's victory touched many, including a group from Rock Hill.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Barack Obama's victory touched many, including a group from Rock Hill many might remember: the friendship nine fought for civil rights in the 1960's.

One sat down with NewsChannel 36 to talk about this history making presidency.

"Not in my wildest dreams," said David Williamson who never thought he'd see it.

"I didn't think in my lifetime. I was hoping for my children and grandchildren." He is one of the friendship nine, college students who in the 60's held a sit in at a Rock Hill lunch counter and chose to serve their time when they were arrested.

"After coming through all that, seeing the struggle they went through and the things people went through to get the right to vote."

"And then the fact that one day get to vote for an African American for president, the idea to see this happening, it makes me very proud," Williams said.

His proudest moment, he says, is when he voted.

"I couldn't wait to get to the polls," he said. "I took every ID. I didn't want no hassle or nothing."

And when Obama was finally declared president, Williams said the "I went in and I prayed for him and then I started crying."

"To see this day, it's just magnificent."