911 call details wife's ordeal in fatal Harrisburg shooting

Credit: David T. Foster / Charlotte Observer

911 call details wife's ordeal in fatal Harrisburg shooting


by TONY BURBECK / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on April 1, 2013 at 5:54 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 1 at 6:24 PM

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- A 911 call released Monday reveals what the wife of a murdered HOA president went through after hearing gunfire and trying to revive her husband from a shot to the stomach.

Police say Anthony Hardy shot and killed neighbors Dan Kirchner and Gary Stocks Friday afternoon on Coachman Court in Harrisburg after Hardy walked into Kirchner's yard with a gun.

Kirchner was the Windsor Forest HOA President.

Investigators have no motive at this time. A search warrant of Hardy's house is expected to be released soon.  

Some neighbors think the murders might have been the result of a dispute between Hardy and Kirchner over trees removed from Hardy's yard. The HOA says there is no evidence linking the murders to a dispute with the HOA.

"We'd love to get that answer for the victims, the families and everyone that was involved in this tragic event," said Sgt. K.G. Pfister with the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office.

Kirchner, 42, and Stocks, 64, were Hardy's next-door neighbors. Stocks was in Kirchner's yard at the time of the shootings, investigators say.

Hardy, 50, was a pharmacist and published poet described by neighbors as a loner who lived by himself.

The 911 call came from Kirchner's wife.

911:     Cabarrus County 911
Caller:     I need police; there's been gunshots.
911:     You need what?
Caller:    I need police; somebody is shooting in our neighborhood.
911:     Somebody is shooting a gun?
Caller:     I need a policeman, yes; somebody is in our backyard with a gun

Kirchner's wife describes the shooter as her neighbor Tony, but doesn't know his last name.

"He came into my backyard and started shooting at my husband and my other neighbor," she said.

She sees her husband lying in the yard.

"Oh my God, he's down," she said.

She wants to go to him. But the 911 operator tells her to stay where she is because they don't know where Hardy is.

The 911 operator asks why this happened.

"I don't know ma'am.  My husband was outside working in the yard, he walked in and then he left," Kirchner's wife said.

She starts CPR, but he's not breathing. She sees a bullet wound in his stomach.

"He's dead, he's been dead too long," she said.

Court records show Hardy pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for an attack on a neighbor in 2004.  

It happened at the same house where the murders occurred, but at the time a man named Michael Welton lived there and filed charges.

"Upon ringing the doorbell, Tony asked about a sign in his front yard, he proceeded to enter my (Welton) house physically kicking and punching, screaming son of a b*&^%, proceeded to punch me in the face as well as kick me in the face.  I ran into my utility room and shut door. I called police," Welton wrote in a statement.

Welton has no comment about the assault.  Investigators say it is not connected to the murder-suicide.