Charlotte daycare owner charged with molesting child

Charlotte daycare owner charged with molesting child


by AMY COWMAN / NewsChannel 36

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Posted on July 12, 2012 at 5:18 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 12 at 6:41 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A daycare owner has been charged with molesting a child in his care.

Christopher Hines, 29, is out of jail but not out of trouble after being charged with First Degree Child Sexual Assault on a 10-year-old who attended his after school and then summer program for about a year.

Hines ran after-school and summer programs out of his home in Northwest Charlotte.

A close friend of the family said they trusted Hines.
"Basically he betrayed everyone's trust. He manipulated everyone into thinking he was the best thing since sliced bread," said the family friend.
But the boy told police a different story.

"There was inappropriate touching, fondling," said the friend.

Hines ran a program called 'Youth Crossing' out of the home he rented on Harwood Lane. Previously, he had a daycare business in the Rozelle Crossing shopping center.

"Mr. Hines is very well known in the community. He's had Zumba classes, he was a summer camp director. I mean, he's a real well known guy,” said the friend.

That family friend also said Hines used his position to take advantage of a child he was trusted to care for.

"He would always buy expensive gifts for the victim. I mean, a $95 pair of sunglasses for a child. What kind of gift is that for someone outside of the family to give someone," said the friend.

NewsChannel 36 did speak on the phone with another parent whose child attended Hines program. She said she doesn't believe Hines committed any crimes and that he's done a good job caring for her child for five years.

But the victim's friend said Hines was easy to trust.

"He is just devious. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing who uses people's vulnerability and trust to get to his victims and I seriously do not believe this was his first victim and if we don't stop him, won't be his last," said the family friend.

The State Division of Child Development told NewsChannel 36 that Hines was not required to have a license for his program since it was after care only four hours a day. However they have disqualified him from ever working in a regulated child care facility in the future.