Woman pleads guilty to robbing neighbor's during toddler's funeral

Woman pleads guilty to robbing neighbor's during toddler's funeral


by BORA KIM / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on March 8, 2013 at 5:51 PM

Updated Saturday, Mar 9 at 12:04 AM

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. -- It was a heartless act that still haunts Jessica Keply. 

Her home was broken into as she and her family went out of town to bury her one-year-old son, Parker Munn, who drowned in a neighbor’s ornamental pond last September.

"You never heal from a loss of a child."

Friday morning, the family occupied the first two rows of the Rowan County Superior courtroom to hear one of two defendants plead guilty.

They sat in quiet support, bearing ribbon badges, displaying Parker Munn’s picture. Keply gave a victim impact statement, with hopes Jessica Williams is sentenced  to the full extent of the law.

“I feel sorry for them, I feel sorry that they could do that to somebody,” said Keply before the court.

Numerous tips led police to Keply’s next door neighbors and the eventual arrest of Jessica Williams and her live-in boyfriend, Bobby Milam.

Police found the family’s stolen jewelry and other household items inside Williams' home.

There were also family keepsakes taken from Parker’s bedroom discovered in a burning trash pile outside the yard.  In it were his belongings including his birth certificate and bible.

Following the proceedings, Keply’s family gathered outside the courthouse, expressing displeasure in the six to 17 month sentence Williams received.

It included probation, with six months already served.

“I wish she would have gotten more time,” said Kepley.

Milam is awaiting trial for the same felony charges. Keply believes Milam planned the break-in, and was surprised to learn Milam had tried to resuscitate Parker by performing CPR that day.

It was stated in court, the couple blamed Keply for the boy’s death and this may have been an act of retribution

"It kills me that someone could really do this, somebody that even tried to help my child, it is really heartbreaking," cried Keply.

Keply vowed she would return to court to see the process through and ensure justice prevails.
When asked to describe he first and only son, with tears she replied:

"He was an awesome kid. He smiled all the time. He was the best baby ever. He was just perfect. I couldn't ask for a better baby."