Woman charged with killing boyfriend; friend saw it all

Woman charged with killing boyfriend; friend saw it all


by NewsChannel 36 Staff


Posted on October 11, 2011 at 6:10 AM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 11 at 6:59 PM

YORK , S.C. -- Authorities are investigating the murder of a prominent York attorney that was shot at his home Monday night.

Police said Christina Adams, 27, shot and killed her boyfriend, Michael Thomas Howe, after an argument happened at his home.

Howe, 44, was a well known attorney in the York area and had been raised there.

Daniel Edward Martin, who is a friend of Howe and Adams, was at the home during the shooting and reported the crime to police.

 Adams' 10-year-old daughter was also on the property.

Adams has been charged with murder. She has requested an attorney and has not made any statements or confessed to anything, according to police.

Howe was killed in the bathroom of his home, according to police.

Since July 2009, police have been called to Howe's home seven times for various disputes, everything from vandalism, burglary alarms, assaults and two calls for an escort, according to police records.

One of the calls for police was to escort Adams off of Howe's property. In October 2010, Howe called police to report an assault on himself, but records did not state who assaulted him.

NewsChannel 36's Greg Argos spoke briefly with Howe's father, Joseph, and he stated the family is "stunned" by their son's death.

According to friends and family, Howe was an independent attorney and worked out of his house.

Couple's Friend Saw It All

Martin was friends with the couple and had dinner with the two on Monda evening.  He told NewsChannel 36 he went over to the Howe residence after Adams called him around 10 p.m. saying something happened to the attorney.

“Went in to check on Michael and when that happened she grabbed a gun and followed me, and when the bathroom door opened, she started shooting," Martin said.

Asked why she said she did it, Martin said, “She said that he had hit her.”

Martin took Adams' daughter and brought her to the York PD where he reported what had happened.

“I’ve never seen that.  I’ve never seen anybody get shot.  Never seen anything like that.”

A bond for Adams was refused to be set.  She will be held behind bars until here next court date now set for Dec. 3.