Local college rents goats to fight kudzu problem

Local college rents goats to fight kudzu problem


by TONY BURBECK / Newschannel 36

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Posted on June 13, 2011 at 6:40 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jun 14 at 7:42 AM

DAVIDSON, N.C. - Davidson College is renting 30 goats to solve a kudzu problem at the school’s popular cross country paths.

The goats arrived Monday and will eat the kudzu for about two months.

"Kudzu has taken over. You can see it in the trees," said Cheryl Searcy with Wells Farm Weed Management.  They are providing the goats.

Kudzu is a weed known for camouflaging anything in its path. College crews cut the kudzu on the school’s walking and jogging trails on Monday.  By Friday, officials say the trails were covered and it has caused people to trip, fall and skin their knees.

"It's a trip hazard," said Davidson College Assistant Grounds Director Charles Jolly.

The animals have been brought in to do what man and machine couldn’t.

"We tried weed eating it. It just wraps up around the trimmer.  If you bring a tractor in, it can get wrapped up around the bush hog," Jolly said.

"Goat rental is us," Searcy laughed.

"It does seem weird to rent goats," said Jolly.
"They're going to look like they haven't eaten in months when they get out of this trailer," Searcy said.

The goats ate Monday morning before arriving at Davidson College.  It didn't matter.  They just kept eating and eating and eating.

The goats will eat 12-18 pounds of kudzu a day.  Their mission is to chomp over five acres of Davidson College kudzu down to size.

"You're going to be shocked, I'm telling you," Searcy said.

Davidson College is spending $3,000 to rent the goats