Thousands stand in line for ‘The Voice’ auditions

Credit: NewsChannel 36

The line in Atlanta to audition for NBC's 'The Voice' wrapped around the building, into the parking garage Friday, August 5, 2011.


by NewsChannel 36 Staff

Posted on August 5, 2011 at 9:20 AM

Updated Friday, Aug 5 at 4:41 PM

ATLANTA -- The first season of NBC’s ‘The Voice’ debuted as one of the top reality shows of the summer. Casting for season two is going on right now across the country.

Thousands of people weren’t afraid to battle 90 degree temperatures on Friday in Atlanta for their chance to be on the show.  

A mix of excitement and anxious energy was shared by everyone who traveled near and far for their shot at making it.

We profiled vocal coach Jane Eggart from Charlotte several times on NewsChannel 36 as she worked with students leading up to audition day in Atlanta.

“I’ve been singing my whole life and it’s always been my dream to be on TV or sing for a large audience,” said Christa Owen from Charlotte.

For Owen, Friday was a day to be shared with her sister Amy Miller.

“We’re gonna support each other, always,” she said.  “I’ll be happy for her, she’ll be happy for me.”

But first they waited.  And waited as hundreds streamed in and out of the audition building.  Nearly three hours after their scheduled 7 a.m. audition slot, it was time. 

“They have a shot,” Eggart said of her students.  “Very well prepared.  They’ll do great.”

Singers only have a few seconds to make an impression on the producers and make it to round two.  The girls we profiled from the Carolinas did not make it through.

“I learned there’s a lot of talent out there and we’re a dime a dozen,” said Owen. 

But their dreams were not cut short.

“It’s a dream and I know I’m going to push for that dream until I succeed,” said Owen.