Motherhood: Changing roles for mother and daughter

Motherhood: Changing roles for mother and daughter


by ANN SHERIDAN / NBC Charlotte Staff

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Posted on May 8, 2013 at 7:10 AM

Updated Wednesday, May 8 at 8:19 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mother's Day is Sunday  and to honor moms NBC Charlotte is highlighting   moments in motherhood. 

There are so many,  but as our moms age the moments change.  Sometimes the roles reverse, and we become the caregivers.

“She set an example to take care of people,” said Murielle Heer of her mother, Rita Hueber.

Hueber is from Holland.  She and her husband Herman, moved to Charlotte to be closer to Heer and her family. 

Throughout the Hueber’s home, there are snapshots everywhere, showing a life full of memories.

“This one is my favorite,” says Hueber, as she holds a photo of mom and daughter dating back more than 40 years ago.

“It’s always next to mom’s bed,” says Heer.

The pictures paint their priorities.  Hueber is a caring mom determined to teach both of her children life’s important lessons. They took trips and spent time together.  There are too many photos to chronicle!

But in 2001, Huber got an unexpected picture, devastating news.

“We could see it straight away.  It was so bad,” said Hueber.

The X-Ray showed colon cancer.  Doctors gave her three years to live.

Suddenly, it would be Heer taking care of her mother.  Their roles reversed.

“She always tells me, mom, don’t give up.  You’re strong.  You can do it.  That’s what she says,” says Hueber.

"I just have to take a step back and remember she's getting older and doesn't remember things.  Let's make it nice and fun,” said Heer.

As mother’s day approaches, the mom and daughter realize they’ve been given a gift.  The gift of time.

What have they learned from each other?  To say the important things.  Everyday.

“If my mother passes tonight, I have such good memories.  I think everything’s been said between us that needs to be said.  She knows how much I love her,” said Heer.

“If I’m able to talk before I die, I’d thank her for everything.”