Charlotte brothers make music to make a difference

Charlotte brothers make music to make a difference for veterans.

WEDDINGTON, N.C. -- The flashing lights.

The fingers strumming.

The drum beat blaring.

These guys are full on rocking out, playing 80's hair-band music.

"It's the best music in the world," CJ Teas says. It came out decades before they were born. Max says, "It's basically taking people down memory lane."

They've been playing together for about five years now. They're CJ and Brother Max. CJ is 13. His brother Max is 11.

Their drummer is their neighbor Briggs. He's 10.

It all started because of the popular game Guitar Hero.

"I completed a song on expert and my dad, he bought me a guitar for my birthday. Now let's just say it wasn't the greatest guitar but it did the job and ever since we started playing, we were just hooked," CJ remembers. "And once he got one I really, really wanted one," Max adds.

"We always saw all the guys in the 80s bands Motley Crew, Def Leppard. We always saw those guys and we thought how cool would it be to have our own band? So here we are now."

They've turned a spare bedroom in the family's Weddington home into their rehearsal room -- lasers and all.

And play gigs across the Carolinas. But it's not just about being a rock star.

The boys' dad went to the Patriot Gala last year.

"They presented a service dog to a veteran who was suffering from PTSD and when he came back and told us about it, instantly Max and I, our faces lit up and we both said to each other we want to raise money to buy a service dog for a veteran. These men and women have given everything they can for our country and it's just awesome to be able to give back to these veterans who have given everything," CJ told us.

They're kids with a very adult understanding of sacrifice and giving back.

"I don't think its necessarily anybody's age. We'd ultimately like to inspire younger people as well as older people to give back to their communities because we think it's an important part of society today. At the end of each gig we get this feeling, it's like a warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing people with each guitar note that we play, each drum strike we hear and every note that he sings. It's just awesome."

If you'd like to donate or just get more information on the band, you can find the boys here.


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