Chiropractic care offers different health alternative for newborns

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Stephanie Lamp is taking her newborn for a healthcare visit that many might consider extreme.

One week old Matthew is getting adjustments from chiropractor Matthew McAlees at Charlotte Health Center. Lamp believes the visits are helping her newborn sleep and nurse better.

He only cries when he s hungry. My girls were colicky and had ear infections, says Lamp.

She s not alone. Mom Shannon Eichorn is also bringing her newborn to the chiropractor in Charlotte.

He was calmer. He rested better, she said of their first visit.

What researchers out of Harvard found is that 9 out of 10 children have some sort of misalignment or irritation somewhere in the spine just from the birthing process, said McAlees.

The chiropractor doesn t twist the babies or crack their backs. The adjustment is done with a small tool, the size of a pencil. It is quick and gentle, he says.

Still, not all pediatricians suggest chiropractic care for newborns. Some worry that adjustments, done incorrectly, could be damaging to a newborn, who can t express how their feeling or if they re even hurting. Experts suggest parents talk to their doctor and the chiropractor to decide the best newborn care.

While many insurance plans do cover some chiropractic care for adults, insurance does not cover the care for newborns.


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