CMS blasted over controversial tweet

Twitter blasts CMS over attendance tweet

CHARLOTTE, NC- Charlotte-Mecklenburg School created quite the buzz Wednesday and Thursday over what folks are calling a controversial tweet.

The tweet, posted with their hashtag #SchoolEveryDay, talked about chronic absences. But some say it's racist. It referenced race and kids being chronically absent from school.

Folks immediately reacted, some saying wording was insensitive, while others say they're focusing too much on race, and others were left to wonder what was the purpose behind the tweet.
CMS did respond to pretty much every tweet, and even released the research behind it all, and said they will have a forum to discuss the issue soon.

CMS has since removed the tweet, and WCNC reached out to them to find out  why. They responded by sending us this statement: 

CMS has partnered with a number of community based agencies during Attendance Awareness Month (September) to highlight chronic absenteeism and encourage dialogue on how we can all work together to promote success for all students. There is an abundance of research based evidence on the topic:

  • Attendance plays a critical role in academic success and ultimately, high school graduation. Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% or more of the school year (or ~ 18 days of school per year).
  • Connection to HS graduation: Poor attendance correlates to higher dropout rates. Absenteeism can be used as an early predictor of dropout as early as 6th grade.
  • Early absences correlate with third grade reading proficiency, which is considered a key indicator of future academic success.

CMS will be sharing information on absenteeism throughout the month and will offer a media opportunity to further spread the message and encourage parents to participate in dialogue and practical solutions.  

The tweet was part of this month-long Attendance Awareness campaign. We respect the concerns expressed and have removed this particular tweet in question. However, we will post new tweets on the topic in the future and encourage our media partners to join this effort.

The links to that research, as provided by United Way our partner in this effort, are below:


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