Is Highway 321 project contributing to earthquakes in Watauga County?

Sunday nights M2.4 earthquake between Blowing Rock and Boone was the 3 quake in the same area since May. This has raised some questions on why there has been a cluster of quakes here and if there is anything causing them?

Earthquake History of the area:

The first thing to remember that earthquakes aren't that rare in the western Carolinas. They certainly aren't an everyday thing, but anywhere you have mountains you have some geological movement. The Southeast is a pretty active area for earthquakes especially around Charleston, SC where an M7.3 quakes in 1886 causes damage all the way up here in Charlotte. This map shows the amount of ground movement possible.

So it's completely plausible that these quakes are normal. Except there have been no earthquakes in the western Carolinas this year except for these 3. Which raises the question what is going?

Theories on a trigger versus just a natural occurrence:


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