Moms of special needs kids lobby for cameras in classrooms

Parents asking for cameras after abuse claims

UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- Several Union County families are rallying for cameras in special education classrooms. This after many of them have taken their children out of the school claiming some type of abuse to their children with special needs.

Becky Bass took her daughter Hailey out of Monroe Middle School in April after she says she came home with scratches and bruises. Hailey has Down syndrome and can't communicate well herself, but her mom says she let her know her special ed teachers did this.

"I asked her if she got in trouble, and she said, 'yeah,' and I said, 'what did the teachers do,' and she got behind me and gave me strong bear hug," said Bass.

She says she then took off her shirt and saw scratches and bruises. Bass says she took her case to police but they said there wasn't enough evidence after an investigation; the school is still investigating.

This is exactly why Bass spoke to Union County Board of Education Tuesday, rallying for cameras in special ed classrooms.

"That's why it's so urgent we get cameras in our classrooms for our non-verbal children," said Bass.

Another Monroe mother agrees. Kristen Pellter took her daughter Kaitlin out of Shiloh Elementary years ago and believes her teacher was verbally abusive to her.

"After I pulled her out and began to homeschool her, she began telling me she was stupid," said Pettler.

Also in special education and with Down syndrome, she says Union County needs to show more support for children with special needs deserving an education.

"Here in Union County there's quite a few families that have pulled their children with special needs to home school," said Pellter.

Union County Schools says there is an ongoing investigation into Bass' allegations of abuse to her daughter. They also say they are doing research and an investigation locally and statewide into cameras in classrooms.


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