Neighbors forced to maintain substandard road

It's just a temporary fix, but it's been the neighborhood's only option since before 2008.

MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Neighbors in Mooresville tell us they're fed up with rough road conditions on their streets after complaining to their private property developer for the last six years. Michael Dubick is taking matters into his own hands by filling the massive holes on Shepherd's Bluff Drive in Mooresville with dirt.

"If we don't do it, who's going to do it, you know? It's just one of them things," Dubick said.

It's just a temporary fix, but it's been the neighborhood's only option since before 2008.

"So we can come through here without wrecking our cars," said neighbor Audrey Moebius. "It's an obstacle course."

Moebius actually did have some car trouble from driving on the busted up street, nearly $80 worth for a re-alignment. The property is owned by several developers, but the only one currently in the area is Billy Allen who neighbors say has promised he'd fix the problem for years. He wouldn't speak on camera but told us: "We will do the right thing, we're just waiting on the contractor to show up and pave it. I want the road paved before winter too, but I can't personally pave them myself. We are continuing to try and get the contractor scheduled. Once he paves it, I'll have the road re-inspected by the DOT."

In November of 2012 the D.O.T. did examine the road and denied Allen's request to maintain it until after he patched and resurfaced it.

More bad spots are forming every day with one section of road that can literally be pulled right out of the ground.

"Everything we've worked for all our lives, we've invested here and I've never heard of such a thing," Moebius said.

"It's just very frustrating, you know what I mean?" Dubick said. "How much more can you take?"

While neighbors have begged him for a fix for years, because of a lack of funds, Allen didn't hire the contractor until September of 2013. Nearly a year later, he and the neighbors are still waiting to smooth things over.

Allen told us he expects the project to get going within the next couple of weeks. NBC Charlotte will continue to follow up on this story.


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