1-pound baby now an active toddler

Finn Koenig is on the move.  It’s hard to believe that this happy, healthy 1-year-old weighed just one pound at birth and faced many obstacles in his first few months of life.

It started with a routine ultrasound at 22 weeks. Complications arose and little Finn was born at only 24 weeks.

“We were very scared, and it kind of all happened very quickly,” said Finn’s mom, Lisa.

“During the delivery, they took him right away, and I had maybe five seconds to see him,” said Finn’s dad, Stefan. “He looked totally normal. He was very small, but he was my son and he was beautiful.”

Finn was whisked to the neonatal intensive care nursery where the skilled staff and latest technology focused on his survival.

“At 24 weeks, the lungs are underdeveloped, as is the rest of the body, so he needed help with his breathing,” said Jessica Clarke-Pounder, Finn’s neonatologist at Levine Children’s Hospital. “We put him on a ventilator to help his breathing, and then he went to C-Pap, which is a little mask over their face that helps them take deep breaths.”

It was 113 days after his premature birth that little Finn went home.

“I remember the day we got home, and just the fear that probably any parent has; but luckily, I think that we had so much help at the hospital, he [Finn] was already on a schedule,” commented Lisa. “Basically, we knew him more than probably other parents bringing their baby home.”

“Look at him now,” said Stefan. “He’s a great little baby and a big part of that is the care of the hospital. They gave him a great start. We just had to take over and keep him on the right track.”


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