School bus fight caught on camera shocks parents

Parents outraged after school bus fight

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Parents are in shock after a fight broke out on a school bus and it was all caught on camera.

But it's not the fight that has parents concerned. It's the discipline, or in their eyes, lack thereof that raises an eyebrow.

With thousands of kids riding buses in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system, parents are beginning to have second thoughts about sending their kids on the bus.

"This is why I pick my son up and take him to school," said Jonna Howard.

After his son recorded the back of the bus brawl, one parent is extremely frustrated with the school system.

"I think it's a terrible thing and it's extremely dangerous," said Eddie Harrison.

The incident in question is alleged to have happened on bus number 1383. It was taking kids home from James Martin Middle School last Friday.

"That could have been my brother or sister being jumped by multiple kids on that bus," Tamika Crump said.


According to the CMS handbook, the bus is an extension of the classroom. The principal can prosecute any student for misconduct. One of the first infractions listed is fighting.

"They already have a policy for that," said Crump. "Usually everyone involved is suspended or expelled."

NBC Charlotte asked CMS if the students involved had been punished and if an incident report had been filed from Friday's fight. There is no incident report of the fight, as if it never happened. A source said the driver resolved the issue by speaking to the two girls who went a few rounds, then finished the rest of the route.

When asked how a bus driver should handle hectic situations like a fight, CMS released the following statement:

"The driver is to pull over to a safe location, address the situation with the students telling them to stop fighting and if that does not work, then they are to call their supervisor for support."


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