One year later, no sign of Erica Parsons

There's a new lead investigators are working on in the search for Erica Parsons. Today marks one year since she was reported missing but it's been since 2011 that her relatives actually saw her alive.

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. -- Investigators are working a recent lead in the search for missing Rowan County teenager Erica Parsons.

It's one of a handful of new details investigators released Tuesday via email, in place of a canceled news conference marking the year anniversary of Parsons reported disappearance.

Erica's older brother Jamie reported her missing July 30, 2013. The last time immediate family members saw Erica at the family home in Salisbury was November, 2011.

Investigators say they are making progress, but questions remain whether Erica's disappearance is a crime.

FBI releases new missing person's poster for Erica Parsons

"Why haven't they solved it?" asked neighbor Jerry Fesperman.

A year later, that's still a prominent question among neighbors in Salisbury who want closure.

"I figure she's dead. If she was alive someone would have seen her," said Fesperman.

Among the details released Tuesday, Rowan County investigators say calls about potential sightings have stopped, but there's no confirmed information Erica is dead. She is considered a missing person.

"She didn't disappear by herself," Fesperman said.

Most people blame Erica's adoptive parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, claiming they must know something or somehow be involved.

From the beginning Casey and Sandy Parsons say they've done nothing wrong except let Erica live with someone they thought was her biological grandmother. That turned out not to be true.

Family attorney Carlyle Sherrill says it appears there isn't much new investigators have uncovered. Sherrill says Casey and Sandy Parsons answer investigators' questions on a regular basis and offer any help they can.

"It says they don't have any evidence to proceed with any charges against Sandy and Casey," Sherrill said.

"What would they be arrested for? There's no evidence we know of of any crime being committed. Yes, Casey and Sandy were mistaken in who this Nan was, and it's been since last September they realized Nan wasn't who they thought she was and they sent Erica off with someone they didn't know."

Investigators are still gathering and analyzing evidence but are keeping mum about the evidence they have, including red stains found on the floorboards inside the family home.

Investigators say when they locate Erica, it will reveal what if any crime has occurred, and by whom.

"We want to find Erica and hopefully over 11 months you can have more progress than we've had, but you've got to go with what you've got," Sherrill said.

To investigators, it's progress on a case that won't close until they find Erica. To neighbors, it's a year-long search that hasn't revealed enough.

"The people involved, the parents involved, all the loved ones involved need to know, the community needs to know," said neighbor Tracey Shearer.

Officials say they fully intended to talk publicly for the first time in months but something came up which ended in the canceled news conference. Officials added every decision they make is in the best interest of the case.


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