Store owner uses interesting 'spin' on attracting customers

Store owner uses interesting 'spin' on attracting customers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- We've all seen them standing at intersections around the city: people holding signs trying to attract driver to their business. 21-year old Kavon Garrett takes his sign spinning skills to a whole new level, so much so that customers are starting to pile in to the new store he works for.

"The first 30 minutes, I'm pretty chill, but then once I get into the zone? Up, up and away. I'm off," Garrett said.

If you drive through the Woodlawn Road and Park Road intersection in south Charlotte, Garrett is hard to miss.

"Start off showing the sign, do a little basic trick. Then I just get a little fancy," Garrett said.

He just learned how to spin a sign from his friend last year.

"He taught me the basic stuff and then I just add my own flavor into it."

Now, he's a pro and a fan favorite.

"Trust me, they love it," Garrett said.

He and his brother are part of a national spinning company called "Aarrow." Garrett was hired by John Vasquez, who owns the new Total Nutrition store which just opened up 1 month ago on Thursday.

"They come in here they're like 'hey, just checking you guys out, I saw your sign guy out there he's a trip,'" Vasquez said.

With their location on the inside of the shopping center, putting Garrett at the intersection has people spinning their steering wheels toward the store. Vasquez thinks his mobile billboard will prove to be a wise advertising investment.

"Maybe not right now, but just the fact that when people run out of their supplements, they are going to come in because of him.

Total Nutrition provides nutrition plans, weight loss supplements and vitamins. This is the first store they've opened up in the Charlotte area.


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