Teachers say bullying culture is part of CMS district-wide

CMS teachers say they're bullied in school

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- We're used to hearing about the problem of bullying in schools, but maybe not this scenario. Now we're hearing about a bullying culture that has teachers, not students on the defensive.

For days now we've been hearing that the real reason Dr. Heath Morrison resigned as superintendent is, in part, because he was a bully.

"On a daily basis he bullied and mistreated individuals that were under his supervision," said Judy Kidd, president of the Classroom Teachers Association.

But that's not the bullying the classroom teachers association board came to talk about Monday afternoon.

"There is a bullying-type atmosphere in certain schools," Kidd says.

Retired CMS teacher Gayle Bohlen says, "Is bullying out there? Yes, from area superintendents down."

Kidd adds, "The superintendent I feel has directed principals to bully others."

NBC Charlotte responded by saying, "That's a pretty big accusation."

Kidd replied, "When you've experienced it, it's okay to express it."

They are hoping the spotlight on the superintendent situation will help their cause, and on Monday, Kidd emailed interim superintendent Ann Clark about creating a position that would allow teachers to file and deal with complaints without facing retribution.

"I think if they put in an ombudsman, teachers would feel more comfortable."

But a spokeswoman for CMS says there's already an employee relationship department for that very reason.

Teachers though say that's not enough.


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