Teen electrocuted in pool, drowns

A North Carolina teen is dead after being electrocuted in a community pool and then drowning.

RALEIGH, N.C. -- A 911 caller described her panic when she entered a community pool and saw 17-year-old Rachel Rosoff floating face down.

The high school student was a lifeguard for the Aquatic Management Group in Raleigh.

“I tried to jump into touch her and as soon as I touched it I felt a shock run through me,” the caller explained.

She went on to describe the water as “electrified.”

A preliminary autopsy confirmed her suspicion, stating Rosoff was likely electrocuted, which caused her to lose consciousness, and ultimately drown.

“People fail to get their pools tested annually,” said Father and Son Electric Owner Ron Talerico.

Talerico said many of these tragic deaths are preventable.

“If it’s a concrete pool or if it’s a liner pool and has metal sides all of that has to be bonded. And that’s what people don’t test annually. They don’t test that bonding,” he said.

Untested, you run the risk of electrical currents flowing through your pool. Enough electricity could generate a fatal shock.

Some parents saddened by this news can only hope it was a terrible freak accident.

“I think it’s probably a one-time thing. I’m pretty sure electric don’t be around pools that often, and if it is it’s probably controlled in a way where it’s safer for everybody,” one parent explained.

Rosoff’s employer Aquatic Management issued this statement:

We are shaken by the loss of such a vibrant young life. Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family in this time of unfathomable grief. We are cooperating with investigators in every possible way and are hopeful that the investigation may provide an explanation for this tragedy.

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