The details set this $5M Lake Norman mansion apart

Credit: Lance Carlyle

Street view of the home



Posted on May 20, 2013 at 11:54 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 23 at 7:29 PM

LAKE NORMAN, N.C. -- Just when you think you’ve seen it all: a big house here, an elevator there, this home has features that, let’s just say are different and will not disappoint.

For starters, it has an indoor fountain on the home’s lower level.

"It just really showcases the design and the level of quality that they put into this house,” said Lance Carlyle, Carlyle Properties, the listing agent who gave NBC Charlotte an exclusive tour of the home.

And from the fourth floor, you can see what he means.  Yes, there are four floors.

"This is the top floor.  They call it the crow's nest,” said Carlyle, “Best views in the house are from right here.”

Perhaps the second best view is the moment you walk in the door.

"You walk in, you see Lake Norman,” he said, “You can also see the pool, the patio, the spa."

This mega home is for sale with 12,000 square feet, five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, an entertainment room, a theater-- the list goes on. And it’s listed for just under $5 million. The owners are looking to downsize.

Our official tour began in the master bedroom that, like almost every other room in the home, has a gorgeous view.

"They put these sets of doors out here to a private balcony overlooking Lake Norman,” said Carlyle.

There’s also see-through fireplace that goes right into the Master Bathroom. There are seven fireplaces total.

The master bathroom has heated floors, a refrigerator and a tub with water and air jets.

"Just off the master bathroom is this huge master walk-in closet. This is every woman's dream, but he likes it, too,” said Carlyle.

Also on the main floor is an enormous kitchen with not only a double oven, but two dishwashers.

"It's one of the most well designed kitchens we've ever seen,” he said.

"And even this, the way they did the granite, they put two pieces of granite, one on top of the other to get this really thick edge here," Carlyle added.

It’s the attention to details that you’ll notice throughout the home.

"You'll see they brought the travertine up to actually put on the window sills. They did a groin vault ceiling which, just the detail it takes to do that is just phenomenal,” he said.

There are other unique features, you probably won’t notice, but it’s meant to be that way.

“One cool thing is they put the speakers, they buried them in the wall into the drywall and then they painted over them so you can't even see them.  You can't even see the grills, but you can hear them just great,” said Carlyle.

And then there’s the entertainment room with a wine storage area and what looks like another full kitchen.

"It's everything without the oven and the range. They don't need that down here,” he added.

It’s no surprise the owners have been approached by a production company about shooting a reality TV show at their home and parts of their home have been featured in high-end furniture magazines.

No doubt it is a beautiful home inside and out.

"This is one of the owners’ most favorite parts of the house. They love this covered balcony here" said Carlyle.

As we step outside onto that balcony, it’s obvious why it’s one of their favorite parts.

"It just has incredible views of the lake. They have a fireplace here.  They also have a TV out here,” he added.

And just steps away, “this is where they have a lot of fun,” he said.

"You have the spa that overflows into the pool and you're actually surrounded by the house, so very private,” added Carlyle.

"It's just perfect almost like a resort,” he said.