What to eat before and after a workout

What to eat before and after a workout


by WCNC.com Staff


Tips provided by Jennifer Brunelli, MS RD LDN

Pre-workout fuel will:
• provide muscles with energy during exercise
• help maintain a steady blood sugar
• prolong the reduction of muscle and liver fuel sources from glycogen during long exercise sessions

3-4 hours before exercise consume a higher carb, moderate protein, moderate fat meal
1 hour prior consume a snack with lower protein, fat, and fiber to minimize any stomach distress while still providing a good amount of carbohydrate
KEY TO SUCCESS: Eating something before exercise is ALWAYS better than having nothing!

Recovery Nutrition:

You have a small window of time to maximize recovery and achieve the greatest gains from a training session.
• Eat a snack or small meal within 30-45 minutes
• Plan ahead to have food available when you finish working out 
• Food should be ~3:1, 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio (3 or 4 grams carb for every 1 gram of protein) for endurance exercise and 2:1-3:1 for more power/strength focused exercise
• Antioxidants from fruits, vegetables, whole grains protect the body from stress of exercise, speed recovery, can help prevent illness, and keep immune function high.

Recovery through nutrition allows for:
•Repair of muscle damage
•Replacement of muscle and liver glycogen (energy stores for exercise)
•Repair of cellular damage
•Replace fluids and electrolytes

KEY TO SUCCESS: Be PROACTIVE about recovery.   Pack food to bring with you to the gym so that you have something available immediately after you finish working.   WHOLE FOODS are preferred.

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