Tour of Charlotte penthouse designed for Mickey Rourke

A designer was brought in specifically to make the star feel at home.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When an iconic and Oscar nominated movie star was in Charlotte shooting a movie, producers wanted to give him a fitting place to stay.

So a local company made sure a penthouse at "The Vue" in Uptown was decorated in a way that would make Mickey Rourke feel at home.

Fifty stories up, you'd think the view from this Charlotte penthouse would be the focus, but it's the incredible vintage bike purposely perched in the middle of the living room that steals the show.

Designer Alan Price says, "You know you're in a beautiful building and you have this beautiful view but you're a couple thousand miles from home and you feel a little restricted, so that was part of the choice on the motorcycle. You could almost sit on the thing and look out get a little bit if a feel of the open road."

Price, a world renowned furniture maker and designer, was brought in to decorate the Charlotte penthouse for Mickey Rourke while he was recently in town shooting a movie.

"I just tried to figure out what he may be into, and then put things around him that would make him feel a little more at home," he says.

His driving theme here? Well, driving. He turned a 1958 Ferrari seat into a chair and made a luxurious leather sofa from an old Airstream trailer.

An old table saw was repurposed and doubles as a breakfast table, and there's a workout center - complete with a punching bag for the former fighter.

The price tag on the place? There isn't one. Almost everything in here is one of a kind - handmade and dreamt up by the extremely passionate, slightly eccentric, overly humble designer who sticks to a simple mantra.

"I've got a mission statement - home is the garden of the soul and you should put in it what helps you grow."

You just may need Alan - and a vintage Harley - to help you figure it out.

The Charlotte based company, Stay, brought in Price. They provide upscale furnished, temporary accommodations for high profile clients like athletes, celebrities and CEO's throughout the Charlotte region.


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