NASA releases images of 'Mount Sharp' from Mars

NASA has released the latest pictures taken from their Curiosity Mars rover while exploring the "Murray Buttes" region of lower Mount Sharp.

According to NASA, Curiosity took the images with its Mast Camera on September 8. "The new images arguably rival photos taken in U.S. National Parks," NASA said.

NASA believes that the martian buttes and mesas rising above the surface are eroded remnants of ancient sandstone that originated when winds deposited sand after lower Mount Sharp had formed.

The study of these images has given NASA "a better understanding of ancient sand dunes that formed and were buried, chemically changed by groundwater, exhumed and eroded to form the landscape that we see today." 


Curiosity landed near Mount Sharpe in 2012. The rover is investigating how and when the habitable ancient conditions know from the mission's earlier findings evolved into conditions drier and less favorable for life, according to NASA.

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