CFD and CMPD go head to head for one of their own

CFD and CMPD go head to head for one of their own



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Posted on April 4, 2013 at 5:14 PM

Updated Sunday, Oct 27 at 7:52 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- This weekend Charlotte police officers and firefighters will don different uniforms and take to the ice.

They'll join players from Medic and the Sheriff's department and face off in the annual Salute to Heroes hockey game, and there's more than just the game at stake.
At Fire Station Number 33, lunch is served-- the food is hot, the drinks cold, the camaraderie easy.
“Really well ‘cause you’re here for 24 hours together, eat, sleep together,” said 22-year veteran firefighter Jeff Reid.

“It’s like a family; we take care of each other.”

 Reid needs a little taking care of right now.

“My leukemia has come back and it’s in my red cells. That’s the reason I’m gonna have to have a bone marrow transplant.”
That's why his firefighting family is hitting the ice in his honor.

“To do this for Jeff, it’s an added plus, we’re happy to do it for him. The game is bigger than us; the reason behind it is much bigger than us, so we have to keep that in mind,” said fellow firefighter, Captain Aaron Lovett.
The Eighth Annual Salute to Heroes hockey game promises to be intense.

Lovett said, “It’s a rivalry: police versus fire. It’s as old as dirt.”
But there is more on the line than just bragging rights. Money raised will help Jeff and his family.

“Our son asked us what happens if he doesn’t get a match. I guess he didn’t understand the process. He will die,” said Reid’s wife Vickie.
The bone marrow transplant will cost about half a million dollars. Jeff also still needs to find a match. That's why the “Be the Match” organization will also be at the hockey game, hoping to sign up potential donors.

For ticket information, check out http://cfdnet/cfdsports/firehockey/SitePages/Heroes%20Tickets.aspx.