Fore! Matthews homeowner cries foul on cart path

Fore! Matthews homeowner cries foul on cart path


by BILL McGINTY / NewsChannel 36

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Posted on June 7, 2012 at 10:58 AM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 22 at 6:10 PM

MATTHEWS, N.C. -- It’s been said that any day on the golf course is a good one. Just don’t say that in front of Maurizio Ferro.

“That’s when everything kind of blew up in my face,” said Ferro of his two-year-long fight with Emerald Lake Golf Club.

Ferro lives on hole number 12 of the Emerald Lake Golf Course in Matthews.  He bought the house back in 2008 knowing that a section of cart path ran through his side yard by mistake. 

“They offered to fix this and move it outside the property line, as it should be,” Ferro said.

A Union County plot survey shows the paved path cut in, and then cut back out. At the time Ferro bought the house he says he gave the club a mulligan and let it slide, but said when he wants to sell, which is now, Emerald Lake will have to make good on moving the cart path.

That’s when things went downhill.

“The suffering they put me through because of something that shouldn’t be here in the first place,” Ferro said.

Emails back and forth show the golf club dictating terms in order to rip up their paved golf cart path from Ferro’s yard. The Golf Club Manager, Matt Pennell wrote to Ferro saying, “We will remove the existing cart path on your property, and backfill with dirt and seed in that area.”

But, the club wanted Ferro to sign an iron-clad legal document holding the Emerald Lake Club and the contractors “harmless for any damage that may be caused” in the process.  Ferro said no and so the club said no deal.

Arguing from a position in the rough, Ferro then informed club management that golfers using this section of cart path through his green would be penalized.

His property where the golf path ran through was going to be a no trespassing area.

Emerald Lake responded the same day by quickly designing and paving a new section of path out of the old one, this time on their own property. 

Ferro said the club then told him “This now belongs to you, and that’s when I asked them, ‘Do you intend to leave this as is?’ And they bluntly said ‘Yes, that now belongs to you.’”

NewsChannel 36 contacted Pennell, asking for his side of the story.

“I appreciate you wanting to be fair and trying to hear our side, but I just won’t be able to discuss it.  Thank you for understanding our position,” Pennell wrote back. 

So as it stands now, Ferro has an unused section of the cart path from Emerald Lake Golf Club running through his yard.

“In one day it was done.  Something I have been fighting two years to get done,” Ferro said.