Northeast Charlotte homeowner: Flooding caused $40K damage

Northeast Charlotte homeowner: Flooding caused $40K damage


by TONY BURBECK / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on October 3, 2012 at 4:29 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 3 at 4:40 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A homeowner in northeast Charlotte says flooding from a nearby apartment complex is so bad it has caused $40,000 damage to her home.

Audrey Scott filed a lawsuit this week against the owners of the Meadowbrook Apartments to try to get her money back and force them to fix the problem.

Scott says storm water draining from the apartments into her yard has gotten into her house at least eight times since 2008.

"My carpets were damaged.  My air conditioner was stopped up with mud, my walls were damaged.  I lost all my furniture and it got to the point where I had drained my savings account, my 401k plan just to get it redone," Scott said.

She claims the culprit is the back corner of the apartment complex, how it's a low spot and how ruts on apartment property drain rain water into her yard.

"It flows that way, this way and comes around from the pool and all lands in that corner," said Scott while showing the area.

Scott previously sued the apartment complex and says the apartment owners offered her $4,000 for attorney fees during a mediation session.

Scott says this is the explanation she got from an apartment manager.

"She said ‘The water is coming from the sky.  I can't make it go back up in the sky so there's nothing I can do about your water damage.’"

Scott refused to settle for the money and the explanation, claiming the apartment owners graded the land to make it drain this way, so they are responsible.

The apartment owners put hay bales along the property line to stop the flooding.

Before that, Scott says a wood fence helped keep the rain out, but that fence rotted.

Scott says the hay has helped some, but she's still out that $40,000.

Her lawsuit alleges all the water is trespassing and she's entitled to damages, not more damage to her house.

Scott also wants the apartment owners to put in a storm drain, something she says she's asked them to do several times.

NBC Charlotte called the apartment complex and the manager had no comment.