SBI investigating 3 suspicious fires in Lincoln Co. neighborhood

SBI investigating 3 suspicious fires in Lincoln Co. neighborhood


by RAD BERKY / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on February 14, 2013 at 11:01 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 15 at 12:46 AM

DENVER. N.C. -- Residents are worried after a third fire in the same neighborhood in Denver in just over a month.

Two of the fires were off Ranger Island Road and the third was on Cherry Lane.

As night fell Thursday, those who live in the neighborhood were spending more time looking out of their windows.

A burned out shell is all that remains of the latest house to catch fire on Wednesday morning.

The mysterious fires began back in December with a blaze just across the street on Ranger Island Road and another not far away on Cherry Lane.

"It might be a firebug around here somewhere, really," said Charles Carpenter, who lives near the Ranger Island Road homes.

Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter has asked the State Bureau of Investigation to send an Arson Team to help determine if these fires were purposely set and who is responsible.

"We're not sure and I don't think the Fire Marshall's Office is sure and that's why we're going to contact SBI and have their arson folks assist," said Carpenter.

Lisa MacGeorge has an infant daughter and a big dog and said she and her other neighbors are making sure all their lights are on each night.

"Please catch this person because I don't want to see my house the same way," she said.

Randy Mungo, another neighbor who called 911 to report the latest fire, said, "I believe they are breaking into these places and stealing stuff when people aren't there."

The latest fire was in a vacation home owned by a Charlotte man and none of the houses were occupied when the fires started.

Neighbors agreed that if there is some good, it is that nobody has been hurt in any of the fires.

"The concern is, is the next house going to be unoccupied at that particular time," asked MacGeorge.

Anyone with any information about the fires has been asked to call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office at 704-732-9050.