Commentary: Why I send my kids to CMS & N. Meck HS

Commentary: Why I send my kids to CMS & N. Meck HS


by STUART WATSON / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on May 9, 2013 at 6:41 PM

Updated Friday, May 10 at 7:14 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- I’m one of the biggest critics of CMS. Because I have the most invested. I have two daughters who graduated from Northwest School of the Arts and two more kids who are going to North Meck High School – the same North Meck locked down in February when a 15-year old brought a gun to school and the same North Meck in the headlines in April when another 15-year old was charged with attempted murder for allegedly attacking a girl on campus.

Who sends their kids to such a school? I do. And I’d do it again.

Why? Here are 10 reasons, plus one:

  1. North Meck offers my kids teams and clubs and school spirit than Cato Middle College High School doesn’t  – even though Cato’s scores are much better from a purely college prep perspective. 
  2. Because a school is more than its test scores. A lot more.
  3. North Meck offers more IB and AP courses than a charter school.
  4. North Meck has a superb Speech and Debate team with a rich tradition (Thank you Mr. Rocca for all the hours).
  5. North Meck has many great teachers. Not good teachers. Great teachers. (Thank you all).
  6. North Meck’s diversity exposes my kids to students from around the world – and across town.
  7. North Meck’s adversity teaches my kids you can’t just run away when things are tough.
  8. My daughter’s boyfriend went to North Meck and got a full ride to NC State. And an education.
  9. North Meck students taught us an alternate definition of the word “ratchet” – which North Meck is not, BTW, you haters.
  10. My own education at an all-white private school was the product of white flight and that education helped me a great deal with book learning but did little to prepare me for my first real job 30 years ago interviewing all types of people in Mississippi.
  11. The boogaloo.

I say all this for several reasons:

A)    Reporters cannot be perfectly objective– especially about their kids
B)    People should know where a reporter is coming from.
C)    I’ve been doing a lot of reporting on schools so you should know where I’m invested

I reserve the right to criticize CMS and ask hard but fair questions, precisely because I’m invested.
So there. Now you know.

Stuart Watson @stuartWCNC