Injured kitten awaiting surgery helps local business

Injured kitten awaiting surgery helps local business


by MICHELLE BOUDIN / NewsChannel 36

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Posted on December 2, 2010 at 7:42 PM

Updated Friday, Dec 3 at 10:13 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A south Charlotte shop is now home to an adorable kitten.

The living arrangements happened by accident, but have turned into good business for everyone involved because the kitten has quite the survivor's story.
FABO Kitty - that's her name - likes everyone.

She even likes television cameras, getting up close and personal with the lens when we visited.

“People come in specifically for the cat. They’re like, is FABO here today? And they’re depressed when she’s not here,” said café owner Amy Aussiker.

The kitten is named after the shop where she currently lives - FABO - a Charlotte café and art gallery.

“She lives here during the day, I take her home at night while she’s waiting for her surgery, which she can’t have until she’s four months old -- she’s too little to handle the anesthesia,” Aussiker explained.

One of the people who works at the shop also works with the rescue group Carolina Paws and heard FABO Kitty's story.

“A lady had found this cat warming herself on a car. She has a broken hip, although she’s not acting like it, she was flea-ridden, the vet was going to put her down because she didn't have an owner and the surgery was so expensive.”

That's when Amy and her workers stepped in. They have a tip jar set up at the register and anything they earn is going to pay for the surgery. Customers are pitching in too.

“She just became an instant hit with everybody,” said worker and artist Noel Fludgate who is donating his tips.  “It’s funny, people will come in and they're stiff and see her and all of a sudden they’re friendly and nice. I just think animals bring out the best in people.”

Natalie Benson, 9, donated part of her allowance.

“She’s really cute and she’s fun to play with,” the fourth grader said.

“She’s very good for business.  We're really glad she’s here,” said Fludgate.

FABO Kitty seems happiest of all.
This weekend some of FABO Kitty’s friends will join her at the shop. Carolina Paws is bringing dogs and cats that need homes. The special event runs Saturday and Sunday. If you’d like more information you can click here.