Rock star welcome home for boy recovering from pit bull attack

Rock star welcome home for boy recovering from pit bull attack


by MICHELLE BOUDIN / NewsChannel 36

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Posted on February 21, 2011 at 2:50 PM

WAXHAW, N.C. – After more than a month in the hospital after a pit bull attack, a 6-year-old little boy received a very special homecoming Friday afternoon.
It started with a dash down the street, a hundred kids running to welcome their friend home.

“We’re just really excited he’s coming home,” said 12-year-old Joey Fronzaglia.

Eight-year-old Ari said, “I think he’s really brave for going through everything.”

Six-year-old Jakob Clark arrived home on Friday after 36 days in the hospital because a pit bull tore apart his arm and leg.

Eight-year-old Jack Hamilton lives across the street from Jakob. 

“It’s hard without him,” Jack said. “I haven’t had anyone to play with, do anything with.”

The kids followed the Clark’s minivan through the neighborhood and into the driveway, with Jakob’s grandparents looking on. For a moment, there was silence, as the kids were not quite sure what to do, and then there was pure joy.

“He was excited, didn’t know, he was shocked,” said mom Donna of the surprise celebration.

Jakob’s dad made sure he could see all the love, lifting his son into the air.

There were high fives for the kids and cheers.

A rock star welcome and a balloon release that even left dad impressed.

The kids chanted “Jakob, Jakob!”

“This is awesome…we're really glad to be home,” mom said.

But perhaps the 8-year-old from across the street said it best.

“It feels great,” Jack said. “He’s coming home, that’s the best thing.”