Mecklenburg moms organize effort to support tax increase

Marinn Bengel formed the grassroots effort, "Together 4 Meck."

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- They are moms on a mission.

It's all about their kids.

Marinn Bengel formed the grassroots effort, "Together 4 Meck." She says, "I have three kids that have all been part of the public school system. When I tallied the number of hours that they spend at school versus what they've spent with me, it comes out to 20,000 hours per child.

She and the others in her group are pushing to get voters to approve the Mecklenburg County sales tax increase that would help pay for teacher raises.

"Even at my own children's school, 16 of 180 teachers left last year. They're going to other places -- South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and this is a huge interruption to the classroom, so it's important because teacher's salaries will be benefited from this. But it's not just teachers, its bus drivers, people that work in the lunchroom."

Even the kids seem to get what's going on. Eleven-year-old Ian Beveridge says his Mclintock Middle School teacher has to work two jobs to pay the bills.

"She works as a teacher during the day and then and at night at a bar to get extra money."

That's why these moms don't mind working a little extra to get their message out.

One of the reasons for the signs? They're concerned people won't know what they're voting for because on the ballot, it doesn't say where the money is going.

"Absolutely, it just says were going to tax you and so what would compel you to vote for? So we really tried to create a campaign that educates people what this is for."


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