Electronic billboards to aid in finding Erica Parsons

Electronic billboards to aid in finding Erica Parsons


by DIANA RUGG / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on August 25, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Updated Sunday, Aug 25 at 11:21 AM

SALISBURY, N.C. -- Candle stubs and posters remain in Casey and Sandy Parsons' front yard, leftover from a vigil for their missing daughter the night before.

Some neighbors wondered where the couple has been, and why they haven't been home to clean up.

A couple walking into the house Saturday evening didn't answer that question.

All day, cars slowed and some stopped to look at the leftover roadside memorial.  A few, like Stephen Munga, even took pictures.

"That's where the curiosity is," said Munga. "Everyone is curious."

Munga has watched local and national media coverage of the Erica Parsons case.  The teen, now 15, has been missing for more than two years. Erica's step-brother only recently reported her missing.

Munga voices the question so many people have about Erica's parents.

"She's saying she knows where the child is," asked Munga. "So bring the child out so we can close this out. What's the deal?"

Investigators would also like to know where Erica is.  They've searched the Parsons home on Miller Chapel Road in Rowan County, digging up the back yard and removing reddish-stained drywall from inside the house.

They also searched Sandy Parsons' mother's shed, taking a hammer and some teeth, along with vacuum cleaner parts and school records.

At a vigil for Erica Friday in front of the Parsons' home, Sandy's brother expressed frustration.

"My family is just divided," he said, "and this is not a small thing to get divided about, this is big. We're missing a little girl and we need answers."

Investigators hope someone in the Charlotte area has those answers.  Electronic billboards will start posting her pictures Monday, along with a phone number for anyone who has information.

One picture will show Erica in one of her last known photos before she left, when she was 12. The other picture is an age-progression photo showing her as she would likely look now, two years later.

Stephen Munga is still in disbelief that a little girl would be gone for two years before anyone noticed.

"You are all in this together," he said.  "You are all Americans and we all have this responsibility to look after each other and we have failed."

Still, he hopes for the best.

"I hope the child is safe, that's all we hope."

The Erica Parsons billboards can be foundat the following locations:

  • I-85 at Mcadenville (Gaston County)-both north and south side of the billboard,
  • I-77 at Carowinds Blvd, both north and south sides of the billboard
  • I-77 s/o exit 28 Lake Norman, both north faces
  • I-85 north of Billy Graham – south face
  • I-485 at Nations Ford east of I-77 – west face