Philippine president to camp in Tacloban


Associated Press

Posted on November 17, 2013 at 7:04 AM

Updated Sunday, Nov 17 at 7:07 AM

TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP) — The president of the Philippines came to visit the typhoon disaster region in his country today and decided to stay.

President Benigno Aquino (beh-NEEG'-noh ah-KEEN'-oh) III says he will camp out in typhoon-battered Leyte province until he sees more progress in the aid effort following complaints from survivors that they have yet to receive proper help.

Aquino is expected to set up camp in Tacloban (tahk-LOH'-bahn), the capital of hardest-hit province, but it is not clear where. Virtually every building in the city was damaged or destroyed. The death toll is now nearly 4,000 people, according to the latest official count, with about 1,200 missing.

Electricity and running water are in critically short supply.

Earlier in the day, thousands of Filipinos, many still homeless and grieving, flocked to dozens of churches for Sunday Mass.


055-a-09-(Cecil LaGuardia (seh-SEEL' luh-GWAHR'-dee-uh), relief worker, World Vision, in AP interview)-"me, it's heartbreaking"-World Vision relief worker Cecil LaGuardia says she thinks the government did its best to evacuate people ahead of the typhoon, but for many poor people, there was nowhere to go. (17 Nov 2013)

<<CUT *055 (11/17/13)££ 00:09 "me, it's heartbreaking"

057-a-12-(Father Thomas Onoda (oh-NOH'-dah), Filipino priest, in AP interview)-"compassion and support"-Father Thomas Onoda says he offered what he could to evacuees who arrived in Manila on an American C-130 transport plane. (17 Nov 2013)

<<CUT *057 (11/17/13)££ 00:12 "compassion and support"

061-a-11-(Jacqueline Areteyas, typhoon evacuee, in AP interview)-"its very dirty"-Jacqueline Areteyas says the living conditions in a shelter at a local church are not good. (17 Nov 2013)

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056-a-14-(Amie Sia (SEE'-uh), paramedic nurse, in AP interview)-"the heart rate"-Amie Sia, a paramedic nurse working with newborns in Tacloban, says one infant girl's parents pushed oxygen into her tiny body with a hand-held pump for days trying to keep her alive. (17 Nov 2013)

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062-a-09-(Lito Esguerra, volunteer helping typhoon victims, in AP interview)-"it's our responsibility"-Lito Esguerra says he is doing what he can to help typhoon victims. (17 Nov 2013)

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053-a-09-(Cecil LaGuardia (seh-SEEL' luh-GWAHR'-dee-uh), relief worker, World Vision, in AP interview)-"and power lines"-World Vision relief worker Cecil LaGuardia says it's difficult getting around, with roads still impassable, and power lines down everywhere. (17 Nov 2013)

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