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by DAVE WAGNER / NewsChannel 36 Staff

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Posted on July 26, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Updated Friday, Jul 27 at 9:28 AM

LONDON -- I just wanted to write a quick note after a very long day.  I started my day on Thursday at 5:30 a.m. and it is now 2:00 a.m. Friday.

There are so many stories to tell at these games.  Today I told one story about how the photos on Olympic credentials look like mug shots.  Mine is bad.  SwimMAC Carolina’s Nick Thoman and Davis Tarwater look much worse. 

Photos | Worst Olympic credentials

I asked two British women today to guess if their photos were mugshots or credential photos.  They guessed that Tarwater’s was a credential but they were sure Thoman’s photo was a mugshot.  They guessed that he had probably stolen something.  Nick and Davis are really terrific young men.  They are smart, funny and obviously amazing athletes.

Nick hasn’t stolen anything as far as I know.  Nick, Davis, Cullen Jones, Kara Lynn Joyce and Micah Lawrence have all been gracious to me, and starting Saturday they’ll help provide two weeks of the best entertainment on television.

Let the games begin!  I’ll talk with you tomorrow. Oh wait, it’s already tomorrow!

Day 3 in London

It is another hot day in London, even hotter than yesterday.  The Olympic shuttle buses aren't air conditioned and the windows don't open.  It's kind of like a sauna, but not quite as relaxing. 

First thing this morning, photographer Kevin Ridley and I road the shuttle from our hotel to the Olympic Aquatic Center to watch the SwimMac Carolina Olympians practice.  Cullen Jones, Nick Thoman and Davis Tarwater welcomed me with nice smiles and a wave.

 I can't say enough great things about all these Olympians and their SwimMAC coach, David Marsh.  David is also one of the Olympic coaches and insists to me he's not a great coach., "just a big supporter of people who are motivated."

Marsh thinks the Charlotte Olympians are looking great during their practices.  I also talked with NBC swim announcer Andrea Kramer who raved about  these Charlotte swimmers and their abilities beyond the pool.

During this morning's practice, Cullen Jones and Ryan Lochte were hanging out together. Lochte is one of the golden boys of the games. I noticed he has a tattoo on his right shoulder blade.  It looks like a gator, which makes sense because he went to the University of Florida.   Lochte and Jones are roommates during these games.  

The rooms in the athlete village aren't air conditioned and I was told by David Marsh that Jones and Lochte had a portable air conditioner installed.  Perhaps they may want to install one on the shuttle buses as well.