Former Panther DeAngelo Williams defends 75-cent tip

WASHINGTON (WUSA) - DeAngelo Williams believes in good service.

The Pittsburgh Steelers running back is defending his decision to leave a 75-cent tip to a waitress, over the weekend.

Williams ate dinner, last  night, at Ledo Restaurant in College Park and was underwhelmed with his service, leaving a meager tip on $128.25 bill. 

He paid $129.00.

His server then took to Facebook saying "just now at work. I had DeAngelo Williams come in and I waited on while tending bar. His check was $128.25. He left me $129 with no tip but .75 cents. So there you go Stealers (sic) fans, your running back is cheap as s**t!!! Smh."

That's when the fun started.

Restaurant workers took to social media and blasted Williams for not tipping, but he was having none of the backlash. Williams defended his actions, saying it was a lousy tip for lousy service, adding the .75-cent tip WAS TOO GENEROUS.

Williams told TMZ, he tried to leave exact change, but couldn't.

His list of grievances included:

-waiting an hour-and-a-half for his food

-he ordered chicken and shrimp in his pasta, but it was put in his salad.

-when the salad headed back, they removed the chicken and shrimp and placed it in the pasta, leaving a stray shrimp tail in the salad.

-no refills (DeAngelo Williams likes refills)

TMZ reached out to co-owner Jimmy Marcos, who told them the complaining employee would be TERMINATED, with the restaurant policy of "the customer is always right."

Williams knows a little bit about the service industry.


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