WCNC, NBC Charlotte News has made a dramatic change to the look of the news with bolder, clearer graphics. This dynamic look makes it easier for you to follow the story information; the type is bigger and the style is clear and simple, all to make it a better news experience for our audience.

The first line of type tells you what's happening right now. If you have the sound turned down, or if you just walked into the room, the first line will tell you exactly what's happening on the screen.

The second line of type tells you what's coming up next. If there's a story you're interested in, the second line will tell you when to expect it. And it's all color-coded to help you find exactly the kind of news you want, and see when it's coming up:

  • Blue: General News
  • Bright Red: Breaking News
  • Yellow: Weather
  • Green: Money
  • Purple: Life
  • Orange: Technology
  • Dark Red: Sports

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a ticker of the latest news from NBC Charlotte, and the time and temperature are always in view in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Our goals with the new design were to help get more out of the newscast to enhance your viewing. We hope you agree that our new look enhances our ability to story tell and better articulate what's coming up next.

We want your feedback on the new look. Send emails to Luanne Stuart, Creative Services Director (

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