MONROE, N.C. -- Phylicia Barnes vanished without a trace a week ago. The 16-year-old from Monroe was in Baltimore visiting family.

The girl's mother is back in Union County saying she s done chasing down dead end clues.

Janice Sallis says she is putting her faith in God, hoping and praying her daughter is alright.
Sallis has looked everywhere for her daughter.

It was suggested to go to the drug infested area, Sallis said.

She's scoured Baltimore looking for Barnes.

We heard she was seen in a rough neighborhood, Sallis said.

But day after day she found nothing. Now she s back in Monroe doing television interviews with the local media and CNN remembering her beautiful 16-year-old daughter who went to visit her half sisters in Baltimore and has been missing for a week.

Sallis says the last time she spoke to her daughter was Christmas day.

I said next year you all aren't going anywhere because I'm here all alone, Sallis said. She smiled and laughed and said, 'Mommy, I miss you too.'

Investigators in Baltimore have searched a park notorious for crime and drugs and rumored to be a body dumping ground.

God prevented that energy from contacting me because she's not there, Sallis said.

If she could talk to her daughter she would say, Girl, you know you need to come home so we can finish being nut cases ... because we're silly.

Sallis said she did not allow Barnes to have a boyfriend or even use the Internet at home because she felt that it was dangerous. She says she's devastated that she was so protective and yet her daughter ran into trouble.

Sallis also says she talked to investigators Tuesday night and there's nothing new.

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